I am Thomas Hagström
I am a Swede living in Denmark, more specifically in the north-western parts of Jylland (Jutland) and the little town Struer. I came here in January 2011, from the Swedish city Helsingborg of Skåne. To Helsingborg I moved in February 2010, from Strängnäs, a rather small town 75 km west of Stockholm.
Contact: thohagstrom [at] gmail.com
If nothing else is stated, all pictures on this site is by me
I publish my photography on Flickr and SmugMug.
All my pictures are copyrighted “All rights Reserved”
Please ask permission before you use any material.
If there is interest, I have all images available in full resolution.
I can arrange prints and for that I will charge a sum depending on print material and size. contact me via: thohagstrom [at] gmail.com
In my free time I have always been a passionate amateur photographer.
My first interest in that area was nature, land- and townscapes.
Being quite interested in architecture I enjoyed taking photos of buildings.
I began with a Canon FT in 1975 and later upgraded to a Canon AE1 and finally a Canon T90. During the family years I put my priorities elsewhere and didn’t shoot very much though. In 2005 I decide to try a digital camera and fun started again. In 2006 I joined Flickr and after half a year or so I was really inspired to experiment with picture taking again.
To my earlier interests in nature, land- and townscapes have now been added studies in light and abstracts.
Most of the editing (which was, and still is, limited – except where it is obvious) is done in Adobe Lightroom from Raw files.
Portfolio etc
I am continuously maintaining a portfolio that tries to show what I have been producing as a free photographer.
The selection is more based on my own taste but it is probably influenced of what the Flickr community thinks as well.
I am very proud of the galllery “piblo – lessons in balance” that Kate Mellersh, a Flickr friend, compiled from 18 of my pictures.
I have made four books on Blurb (click on the badges below).
I have participated in the curated exhibitions, Salong! 2010 [ link ], and Salong! 2012, in Helsingborg.
I have contributed to some issues of Y Sin Embargo magazine
I was working in the pharmaceutical industry as a process engineer (dealing with process development, production optimization and quality) since 1980.
From February 2010 until January 2011 I was vacant.
The reason for this was that the site where I was employed had to shut down operations.
From February 2011 I am employed as quality engineer at another site, located in Struer, Denmark.
thohagstrom [at] gmail.com

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